Why I Decided to Jump Back into the Entrepreneurship Fray

After selling my previous company about 1 year ago, I wanted to start my own VC fund. I joined multiple angel networks in hopes of getting some good deal flow. In one of these angel networks where I hold a membership, I met a good brother and good friend of mine. He has many years of experience in multiple sectors.

I was previously a B2B guy, all along focused on enterprise sales solutions (such as ERP, CRM, Cloud Computing solutions). He, on the other hand, was more of a B2C guy. Despite his age, he is very energetic and always ready to learn and explore new things. That inspired me so much, as I saw him as a great potential partner to work with me to grow my VC in the future. We clicked quite well (as our personality was pretty similar), and eventually decided to start our VC together with a third friend who had many years of investment banking and family office management experience.

Soon after though, he told me that he had a vision to build a company that would become a unicorn before going to IPO or going through an M&A process. However, it was something I wasn’t familiar with. For starters, it was a B2C company, which I wasn’t sure about the unit economics. After all, the B2B market has very different economics compared to the B2C market. I was hesitant at the start, since I wanted to focus on my VC originally. Eventually, I saw how having that experience would help me grow as a venture capitalist in the future. Having both B2B and B2C experience and exit would definitely be of great value for our portfolio companies in the future. As such, I have decided to keep my VC plans on hold for now (while still acting as an angel investor through the main firm).

For all who would like me to review your decks for potential investment or advice, please feel free to drop me an email at lance@lancequekcompanies.co and I will respond as soon as I can.