My Final Words As A Student of DraperU (Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship October 2020)

Dear Fellow DraperU Heroes,
This is it! Graduation from here and the start of a new journey. Thank you for all the inspiration that you have given me over the past 2 weeks (it has been great even though I sleep at 2-3 am and wake up around 7 am).
We all overcame many challenges, from the pressure cooker 48 hours of the Herothon, to the pitch yesterday to Tim and the DraperU Team. You have inspired me to think even bigger and work on more Big Hairy Audacious Ambitious Goals. You inspired me to be fearless and keep standing up again after being slammed down over and over again. If traditional universities were like this, I bet almost everywhere will be springing up with entrepreneurs who are willing to challenge the status quo.
A big shout-out to the DraperU Team, Tim, Fatih, Asra, Andy, and all the speakers and mentors, thank you for serving us and providing us such a conducive and open environment for us to learn. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to learn from all of you and build this relationship further. I’m sure our paths will cross again, hopefully, sooner than later.
To my fellow batchmates, we have accomplished something that not many could have done so. We made the commitment to join this program and today, I’m sure these 2 weeks are definitely worth way more than what we paid for. I’m so glad that we are now having some collaboration opportunities being discussed even between us as students of this cohort, something that I have never seen in traditional colleges (at least here in Singapore).
The journey ahead will be tough, and it will only get tougher. But I’m sure that with your mental resilience and fortitude, you will be able to advance and overcome all the adversities standing in your way. Always remember that we will be here for each other, and we will all stand by the creed that we have taken unto ourselves. This is not the end of a journey but the start of another. With friendships forged and values aligned, I’m sure you will go on to accomplish great things and build a rainbow for our world tomorrow.
Always remember what we stood for, the challengers of the status quo, the ones who will stand up and create the future, the ones with the vision and fearlessness to go out and win people over by treating them well and treating ourselves well. You have proven to be stronger than what you think you are, and I’m sure you will only get stronger with the support and challenges down the road that will test your mettle. As Jack Ma said “today is a stormy day, tomorrow will have a storm that is even worse, but the day after tomorrow will be the day we see a rainbow.” I’m sure you will survive and thrive during the storms ahead and emerge victorious to see the rainbow.
I shall not hold you back on your journeys to change the world for the better, and I look forward to helping you in any way I can in the future. All the very best in your endeavors and I look forward to hearing your success stories.
For one last time as students of this batch, For Honor And Glory!