Entrepreneur’s Journey: The Untold Stories – Season 1 Episode 1 with Todd Larsen

In this episode, we will be having an in-depth conversation with Todd Larsen of Sales & Software.

Todd Larsen is a father, athlete, and software engineer from the rural Midwest of the US — transplanted into Silicon Valley to make an impact with software at scale.

After re-platforming the fastest growing company of all time during IPO (Groupon), he joined the founding team at Digit.co to help create automated financial health for consumers for over 7 years before getting acquired by Oportun for ~US$213m.

Now, he coaches engineering leaders and helps tech companies around the world get started and grow faster by installing the right People, Products, and Processes to scale like Silicon Valley.

Feel free to reach out to Todd at the following links:
Website (Sales & Software): SalesAndSoftware.com
Website (Tech Leaders Institute): TechLeaderInstitute.com
Twitter: Twitter.com/remotebranch
LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/in/salesandsoftware
Facebook: Facebook.com/toddlarsen
Instagram: Instagram.com/remotebranch

With that, please sit back, relax and enjoy.

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